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Browne athan Harthad

Hello there! I am Frodo Baggins, and you may know me as the Ring-bearer or as Frodo of the Nine Fingers. I have returned to the Shire, though my life is far from easy. I have been left deeply scarred, but I will try not to be a bother.
((Semi-independent RP blog. Needless to say, I do not claim any ownership to the material I use. I track the tag #ask frodo baggins. If you want the URL of my URL account, message me and I'll answer you privately.))
Feb 28 '13


I am closing this blog down. I have started an AU Frodo blog, which can be found here, because I’m not happy with the stuff I’ve been doing on this blog and I wanted to have a fresh start.

Jan 25 '13


I am so sorry for my extended absences. Honestly, my muse just hasn’t cooperated for several months now. I am thinking of deleting this blog and starting fresh, opting for an AU blog in which Frodo would not be allowed to leave Middle-earth and he would have no choice but to remain in the Shire and cope with his daily struggles. Honestly, that’s the only kind of universe in which I might stand a chance of actually being creative.

Oct 6 '12

Sunset had not yet begun, but the worst part of the day had already begun. The black figures lurked in every corner of the house, and countless ice-coated daggers flowed through Frodo’s blood, penetrating his bones and piercing his heart relentlessly.

October the sixth was always the loneliest day of the year. How could he describe the pain that assailed him? How could he label the burning venom and the ice-coated daggers existing simultaneously? Deep was too shallow a word to describe the chill he felt, yet he knew no other way to articulate it.

Thus far he had received no visitors, and that was the sole relief. His friends’ worried glances were the worst pain to bear.

He held a mug of tea as he sat by the fireplace with a blanket wrapped around himself, closing his eyes in hopes they would drive away the endless flashbacks.

Oct 6 '12

Questions for the Mun and Muse.


Questions for the Mun: (Writer)

1. Why did you chose to roleplay “______” <- insert character here

2. What characters do you roleplay? 

3. Why did you start roleplaying?

4. How long have you been roleplaying? 

5. Do you ever L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role Play)? 

6. Do you have mental conversations with your Muse?

7. What do you think of your muse? 

8. What other characters do you like to interact with the most?

9. What kinds of things do you like to roleplay the most?

10.  Are there any special things you do to get inspiration for your muse? (I.E. music, re-watching episodes, reading fan fiction, playing games, etc etc. )

11. If you met your muse in person, who do you think you two would get along? 

12. What is your favorite roleplay you’ve gotten to do thus far?

13. Honestly, who writes - the Mun for the Muse….or the Muse takes over? 

14. How do you feel about Alternate Universes? 


Questions for the Muse: 

1. What do you think of your Mun? 

2. What is your favorite Adventure you’ve gone on?

3. Which characters are you close to?

4. What do you think of ________? <-insert character here

5. Is there any one you’re in love with?

6.  Do you think you could be friends with your Mun?

7. What is the worst thing you’ve had to do?

8. What is the best thing you’ve had to do?

9. Have you ever been asked anything odd or embarrassing by an anon?

10. What do you think of the Magic Anons? 

Oct 6 '12

The pain is manageable, but the cold … the cold is unbearable. Nothing can keep it at bay. Fire burns my skin, and it cannot reach my heart, my blood, my bones.

Sep 23 '12
Sep 23 '12
Sep 23 '12



“Mostly wool,” Lily replied. “Some cotton, but not a lot. My sister-in-law showed me how to sew wool, and it wasn’t as hard as any other material. I hope it won’t be too thick for you. We tried to condense it as best as we could before putting it to use.” 

"No, it feels perfect," he said. "Thank you for coming on such short notice. Supper with the two of us was exactly what I wanted."

Sep 22 '12



Lily looked back at the necklace and offered him a small smile. “Thank you for trusting me. I will guard it with my entire life, my love. I’ll never let anything happen to it.” 

"And thank you again for the scarf. If you do not mind my asking, what material did you use? It feels much warmer and thicker than most of my clothing."

Sep 22 '12




“What if Belladonna was the Ring-bearer?” Frodo suggested. “Would she be able to walk by then?”

“She’s already walking a little,” Lily said, smiling at the thought of the niece that she loved so much. “I think, by then, she should be able to walk well on her own. I will ask my brother if he would allow it, but I’m sure he would.” 

The candles were falling short of wax. Frodo wanted to plan their wedding from now till dawn, but he knew that the planning should be gradual. “I know you will take care of my mother’s necklace,” he said. “That was why I gave it to you.”